Story of the new Session 2006-2007

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Session 2005-2006

Here is the story of 3 students who are in 11th grade at the lycée Notre Dame de Dijon and who took part in the exchange program with Kents Hill School (Maine) in the USA.

After a studious summer (our school organized correspondence courses during summer vacation), we went to the first day of the school year in France on September, Friday 2nd and on the afternoon we packed our bags and went to Roissy. After a night in an hotel, on Saturday 3rd of September at 1.15pm we took the plane to Boston!

For several years, a group of students from our school has visited Kents Hill School for 2 weeks, but it is the first time that an exchange of three months is done with this school, we could say that we are the pioneers ! We have tons of luggage to face the autumn which is more an Indian summer and the chilly winter that follows.

A huge thank to directors and teachers who helped make this exchange, and also to our parents!

The welcome sign of the American school The entry of the lycée Notre Dame in Dijon


Mr Rist Bonnefond, headmaster of Kents Hill school Mme Colombier, director of the lycée Notre Dame in Dijon


Jeff and Marie Hicks, American organizers of the exchange Florence Métral, French organizer of the exchange


Edouard-Antoine, Matthieu and Maxime !